Municipal, Corporation, and Long-Term Containers

The job at hand identifies the necessary container type and size. If you or your organization is disposing of common workplace garbage, such as paper, coffee cups, wrappers, staples, and rubber bands, you’ll almost certainly need a front-end (or front-load) trash container: large, metal, typically square-looking receptacles for municipal solid waste (MSW). A front-end dumpster is a common little dumpster you might see behind a dining establishment or in an alleyway. Requirement front-end containers vary in size– measured in cubic yards– from 2 cubic backyards, 4 cubic yards, 6 cubic yards, all the way to 8 cubic backyards. On unusual celebrations, you’ll see the 10 cubic yard front-end container, however, they’re so uncommon that they’re hardly worth more than a quick mention.
The Dumpster Company does not provide any front-end containers but if you have a bigger job that still requires long-term service, we ‘d be pleased to help! Lots of apartment or condo complexes, business shopping centers, and supermarket utilize The Dumpster Company’s big roll-off dumpster for long-lasting or irreversible service tasks.
Contractors choose The Dumpster Company due to the relative ease of having a dumpster bought and delivered. Even more, our clear and itemized billing techniques eliminate your future budgeting and accounting nightmares by plainly defining service fee.


Front-End Container Information

The smallest of the standard commercial front-end containers, the 2-Yard measures approximately 38″l x 72″w x 40″h, with the carrying capacity equivalent to two (2) residential curbside garbage cans.  These little boxes are made for business generating light volumes of mixed, municipal solid waste.

This medium sized front-end container is made for the disposal of more significant volumes of solid waste than its 2-Yard front-end cousin.  With approximate dimensions of 56″l x 72″w x 51″h, this larger box can handle about 4x the amount of trash than your typical curbside garbage toter can hold.

Some 4-Yard+ front-end dumpsters are made with a slanted or sloping top (often called a “slant container” or “slant can”) for easier access, sometimes for special C&D projects.  These slant containers are less common than the ordinary square containers, but they are by no means uncommon.

If you’re looking into renting a 6-Yard front-end container, then your business is generating sizable amounts of garbage.  Measuring 72″w x 65″l x 64″h, this container holds a fair amount of a garbage, approximately 6x the amount of your residential 1-yard curbside container.  Not quite having the capacity to handle the needs of a typical restaurant, a 6-Yard front-end loader container can do the job of most small businesses, no problem.

As most 6-Yard containers have sliding side-doors, they’re often prone to illegal dumping, so caution should be exercised when renting them.  Locking bars and padlocks are common safety measures, and we certainly suggest that they’re part of your rental agenda.  Finding yourself having to call in for extra pick ups because you didn’t opt for the right equipment to secure your container is troublesome and costly.

Perhaps the most common front-end commercial container, the 8-Yard bin can take care of almost all mixed solid waste needs.  Its dimensions are 72″l x 74″w x 72″h, the equivalent of about 8 curbside trash cans.  These containers are often seen behind large corporations, restaurants, loading docks, grocery stores, malls, outlet malls, government buildings, coliseums, arenas, and so on.  Because these kinds of businesses and organizations generate lots of waste, sometimes multiple weekly pick ups are necessary, a factor concluded when being consulted about proper dumpster rental.

Like the 6-Yard front-end dumpster, the 8-Yard also has sliding side-doors and is prone to illegal dumping.  It, too, should be equipped with a locking bar and necessary padlocking for proper container safeguarding, as all contents in the container is the responsibility of the person, organization, or business renting it.